Andrei Salajan - Din candela.mp33.596 MG Flute Bernard Smith - All Heaven Declares.mp32.210 MG Praise Him On The Panpipes - Heaven Is In My Heart.mp36.990 MG 
Banda de Luz - Palabras de Mi Amor por Ti.mp37.044 MG Flute Bernard Smith - Be Still.mp32.796 MG Praise Him On The Panpipes - Holy And Anointed One.mp36.604 MG 
Banda de Luz - Señor Levanto Tu Nombre en Lo Alto.mp34.973 MG Flute Bernard Smith - Great is the Lord.mp33.267 MG Praise Him On The Panpipes - I Give You All My Honour.mp37.849 MG 
Brentwood - Beneath the cross of Jesus.mp32.225 MG Flute Bernard Smith - Holy and Anointed One.mp33.368 MG Praise Him On The Panpipes - O Breath Of Life.mp35.438 MG 
Brentwood - Bless the Lord.mp33.819 MG Flute Bernard Smith - O Let the Son of God Enfold You.mp33.860 MG Praise Him On The Panpipes - O Let The Son Of God Enfold You.mp37.583 MG 
Brentwood - Calvary covers it all.mp33.766 MG Flute Bernard Smith - Peace Like a River.mp33.853 MG Praise Him On The Panpipes - Peace Like A River.mp37.587 MG 
Brentwood - More about Jesus.mp32.824 MG Flute Bernard Smith - Reign in Me.mp32.371 MG Praise Him On The Panpipes - Reign In Me.mp34.661 MG 
Brentwood - My tribute.mp34.460 MG Flute Bernard Smith - When I Look into Your Holiness.mp34.169 MG Praise Him On The Panpipes - When I Look Into Your Holiness.mp38.212 MG 
Brentwood - Near to the heart of God.mp32.947 MG Harfen - Träume - Der Grund unsrer Dankbarkeit - Wir sind seine Hände.mp33.854 MG Praise Him On The Panpipes - You're Worthy.mp34.989 MG 
Brentwood - Sweet, sweet spirit.mp34.034 MG Harfen - Träume - Du bist mein Zufluchtsort.mp32.504 MG Praise Him On The Violin - Amazing Grace.mp33.417 MG 
Brentwood - Wisper A Prayer.mp33.996 MG Harfen - Träume - Du bist würdig - In His Time -Vater, ich lieb dich.mp35.911 MG Praise Him On The Violin - Great Is Thy Faithfulness.mp33.462 MG 
Commisioned - Survivor.mp38.022 MG Harfen - Träume - El Shaddai.mp33.914 MG Praise Him On The Violin - His Eye Is On The Sparrow.mp34.262 MG 
Commissioned - Above All.mp311.073 MG Harfen - Träume - Ich lieb dich, Herr - Halleluja.mp33.848 MG Praise Him On The Violin - I Am So Glad (That My Father In Heaven).mp34.187 MG 
Commissioned - As The Deer.mp37.090 MG Harfen - Träume - Ins Wasser fällt ein Stein.mp33.461 MG Praise Him On The Violin - I Will Sing The Wondrous Story.mp34.284 MG 
Commissioned - Be Thou My Vision.mp37.269 MG Harfen - Träume - Jesus, höchster Name.mp33.663 MG Praise Him On The Violin - Jesus Loves Me.mp32.673 MG 
Commissioned - Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus.mp39.176 MG Harfen - Träume - Kanon in D-Dur-Trac...zuerst nach dem Reich des Herrn.mp34.442 MG Praise Him On The Violin - Just As I Am.mp33.488 MG 
Commissioned - God Is So Good.mp37.442 MG Harfen - Träume - Näher, noch näher.mp33.861 MG Praise Him On The Violin - My Jesus I Love Thee - I'd Rather Have Jesus.mp34.092 MG 
Commissioned - Great Is The Lord.mp35.142 MG Harfen - Träume - Singt Halleluja unserm Gott.mp33.470 MG Praise Him On The Violin - Softly And Tenderly.mp33.829 MG 
Commissioned - He Is Exalted.mp37.211 MG Harfen - Träume - Stunde um Stunde.mp32.904 MG Praise Him On The Violin - The Saviou...- I Have Decided - At The Cross.mp33.170 MG 
Commissioned - The Way.mp310.566 MG Harfen - Träume - Wayfaring Stranger.mp32.053 MG Praise Him On The Violin - To God Be The Glory.mp33.786 MG 
Craig Duncan - A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.mp38.896 MG Harfen - Träume - Welch ein Freund ist unser Jesus.mp33.708 MG Praise Him On The Violin - When I Survey The Wondrous Cross.mp33.107 MG 
Craig Duncan - Abide with Me.mp37.135 MG Harfen - Träume - Wende den Blick nur auf Jesus.mp33.340 MG Studio Musicians - At Calvary.mp37.420 MG 
Craig Duncan - All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name.mp36.762 MG Hineni - Instrumental.mp30.531 MG Studio Musicians - O, How I Love Jesus.mp36.940 MG 
Craig Duncan - All Things Bright And Beautiful.mp37.231 MG Instrumental Harp Praise - Amazing Grace-Jesus loves me.mp36.168 MG Studio Musicians - Power in the Blood.mp37.403 MG 
Craig Duncan - Amazing Grace.mp38.407 MG Instrumental Harp Praise - Fairest Lord Jesus.mp35.433 MG Studio Musicians - Softly and Tenderly.mp37.306 MG 
Craig Duncan - Battle Hymn Of The Republic.mp38.353 MG Instrumental Harp Praise - I know Whom I have believed.mp37.197 MG Studio Musicians - Standing on the Promise.mp36.340 MG 
Craig Duncan - Be Thou My Vision.mp38.344 MG Instrumental Harp Praise - In the garden.mp35.751 MG Studio Musicians - The Old Rugged Cross.mp37.304 MG 
Craig Duncan - Because He Lives.mp310.193 MG Instrumental Harp Praise - Jesus, lover of my soul.mp35.217 MG Studio Musicians - There is a Fountain_Nothing But the Blood.mp37.619 MG 
Craig Duncan - Before The Throne Of God Above.mp37.970 MG Instrumental Harp Praise - Just as I am.mp33.035 MG Studio Musicians - Tis So Sweet No Not One.mp38.019 MG 
Craig Duncan - Brethren, We Have Met To Worship.mp37.508 MG Instrumental Harp Praise - Leaning on the everlasting arms.mp310.551 MG Studio Musicians - To God be the Glory.mp36.661 MG 
Craig Duncan - Christ The Lord Has Risen Today.mp37.093 MG Instrumental Harp Praise - My Shepherd will supply my need.mp310.375 MG Studio Musicians - When I Surbey The ... Cross_O Sacred Head Now Wonded.mp38.824 MG 
Craig Duncan - Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing.mp38.225 MG Instrumental Harp Praise - Saviour, like a shepherd lead us.mp37.710 MG Symphonic Praise - Anker in der Zeit.mp33.945 MG 
Craig Duncan - Come, Let Us Use The Grace Divine.mp35.485 MG Instrumental Harp Praise - Sweet hour of prayer.mp35.126 MG Symphonic Praise - Auge im Sturm.mp36.253 MG 
Craig Duncan - Come, Thou Fount Of Every Blessing.mp36.652 MG Instrumental Harp Praise - The nail-Scarred hands.mp37.622 MG Symphonic Praise - Feuer des Herrn.mp33.719 MG 
Craig Duncan - Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus.mp37.205 MG Instrumental Harp Praise - There Is a balm in Gilead.mp38.045 MG Symphonic Praise - Jesus, dein Licht.mp33.900 MG 
Craig Duncan - Come, Ye Sinners, Poor And Needy.mp37.030 MG Instrumental Harp Praise - There is a fountain.mp37.702 MG Symphonic Praise - Komm, jetzt ist die Zeit.mp35.145 MG 
Craig Duncan - Come, Ye Thankful People, Come.mp37.846 MG Instrumental Harp Praise - We have met to worship-How firm a fountain.mp35.795 MG Symphonic Praise - Ruft zu dem Herrn.mp34.026 MG 
Craig Duncan - Count Your Blessings.mp38.843 MG Instrumental Harp Praise - What a friend we have in Jesus.mp37.822 MG Symphonic Praise - Siehst du das Lamm.mp35.129 MG 
Craig Duncan - Doxology.mp36.642 MG Instrumental Praise - Arise My Love.mp34.647 MG Symphonic Praise - Vater, ich komme jetzt zu dir.mp34.116 MG 
Craig Duncan - Fairest Lord Jesus.mp38.656 MG Instrumental Praise - Holly Is The Lord.mp34.007 MG Symphonic Praise - Zieh mich hin zu dir.mp34.205 MG 
Craig Duncan - Faith Of Our Fathers.mp37.881 MG Instrumental Praise - It Is Well With My Soul.mp33.962 MG Symphonic Praise - Über dem Meer.mp33.841 MG 
Craig Duncan - For The Beauty Of The Earth.mp37.600 MG Instrumental Praise - This Day.mp36.199 MG The Maranatha Praise Band - Great Is The Lord.mp33.067 MG 
Craig Duncan - Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken.mp36.400 MG Israel Himns - Baal Shem Suite.mp30.709 MG The Maranatha Praise Band - Hear My Cry.mp33.447 MG 
Craig Duncan - Great Is Thy Faithfulness.mp310.397 MG Israel Himns - Bearers Of The Law.mp32.729 MG The Maranatha Praise Band - Heart Courageous.mp33.515 MG 
Craig Duncan - Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah.mp37.994 MG Israel Himns - Haleluju Medley.mp32.783 MG The Maranatha Praise Band - Humble Yourself.mp34.349 MG 
Craig Duncan - He Leadeth Me.mp38.685 MG Israel Instrumental 01.mp32.754 MG The Maranatha Praise Band - I Look To The Shepherd.mp32.938 MG 
Craig Duncan - His Name Is Wonderful.mp37.110 MG Israel Instrumental 02.mp33.361 MG The Maranatha Praise Band - In The Quiet Of The Morning.mp35.946 MG 
Craig Duncan - Holy, Holy, Holy_My Faith Looks up to Thee.mp310.431 MG Israel Instrumental 03.mp32.737 MG The Maranatha Praise Band - Lamb Of God.mp33.119 MG 
Craig Duncan - How Deep The Father's Love For Us.mp37.584 MG Israel Instrumental 04.mp33.424 MG The Maranatha Praise Band - Lord Of Love.mp33.358 MG 
Craig Duncan - How Great Thou Art.mp39.168 MG Israel Instrumental 05.mp33.399 MG The Maranatha Praise Band - No Higher Calling.mp33.382 MG 
Craig Duncan - I Love To Tell The Story_Stand Up Stand Up For Jesus.mp37.961 MG Israel Instrumental 09.mp33.678 MG The Maranatha Praise Band - Now God Our Father Yours Is.mp33.751 MG 
Craig Duncan - I Sing The Almighty Power Of God.mp36.207 MG Israel Instrumental 10.mp33.803 MG The Maranatha Praise Band - We Remember You.mp33.231 MG 
Craig Duncan - I Want A Principle Within.mp35.887 MG La Donna Taylor - Amazing Grace.mp32.799 MG The Maranatha Praise Band - You Are My Dwelling Place.mp32.818 MG 
Craig Duncan - In Christ Alone.mp310.824 MG La Donna Taylor - Fairest Lord Jesus.mp33.836 MG Tiffany Cardenas Zuniga - 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus.mp310.280 MG 
Craig Duncan - In The Sweet By And By.mp38.241 MG La Donna Taylor - His Eye Is On The Sparrow.mp33.928 MG Tiffany Cardenas Zuniga - As We Seek Your Face.mp39.587 MG 
Craig Duncan - It Is Well With My Soul.mp36.953 MG La Donna Taylor - I Am Thine O Lord.mp32.910 MG Tiffany Cardenas Zuniga - Fairst Lord Jesus.mp37.162 MG 
Craig Duncan - Jesus Paid It All.mp39.324 MG La Donna Taylor - I Exalt Thee w Maurice Sklar.mp33.424 MG Tiffany Cardenas Zuniga - His Name Is Wonderful.mp310.445 MG 
Craig Duncan - Jesus Shall Reign.mp36.559 MG La Donna Taylor - It Is Well.mp36.032 MG Tiffany Cardenas Zuniga - Jesus, The Very Thought Of Thee.mp36.741 MG 
Craig Duncan - Jesus! What A Friend For Sinners.mp38.657 MG La Donna Taylor - Jesus Is Calling.mp32.096 MG Tiffany Cardenas Zuniga - O, Worship The King.mp37.618 MG 
Craig Duncan - Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee.mp36.970 MG La Donna Taylor - Jesus Loves Me.mp33.738 MG _ Come just as you are.mp34.292 MG 
Craig Duncan - Let All Things Now Living.mp37.666 MG La Donna Taylor - Just As I Am I Surrender All.mp34.518 MG _ He is exalted.mp33.784 MG 
Craig Duncan - Morning Has Broken.mp37.511 MG La Donna Taylor - Softly And Tenderly.mp32.581 MG _Aleluia, Domnul vine.mp37.205 MG 
Craig Duncan - My Shepherd Will Supply All My Need.mp37.959 MG La Donna Taylor - Sweet Hour Of Prayer.mp35.466 MG _Amazing Grace.mp32.769 MG 
Craig Duncan - Now Thank We All Our God.mp35.834 MG La Donna Taylor - The Song Of The Lord.mp311.792 MG _As dori Doamne sfant.mp34.383 MG 
Craig Duncan - O For A Thousand Tongu...l Creatures Of Our God And King.mp38.472 MG La Donna Taylor - Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus.mp34.216 MG _Ca ucenicii-n odaia de sus.mp36.970 MG 
Craig Duncan - O God, Our Help In Ages Past.mp38.624 MG La Donna Taylor - Until You Come Again For Me.mp34.642 MG _Ca un cerb setos de ape 2.mp32.801 MG 
Craig Duncan - Oh The Deep, Deep Love Of Jesus.mp38.480 MG La Donna Taylor -The Song Of The Lord.mp34.231 MG _Ca un cerb setos de ape.mp32.904 MG 
Craig Duncan - Praise Him! Praise Him!.mp38.161 MG Luiza Spiridon - Aceasta lume trista.mp36.915 MG _Calvary covers it all.mp33.766 MG 
Craig Duncan - Praise To The Lord, Th...nvisible God Only Wise (Medley).mp39.641 MG Luiza Spiridon - Asteptam marea zi.mp311.478 MG _Cand Oceanele.mp311.245 MG 
Craig Duncan - Praise To The Lord, The Almighty.mp35.748 MG Luiza Spiridon - Doamne fii marit.mp37.132 MG _Cand privesc spre cerul noptii.mp310.320 MG 
Craig Duncan - Rejoice, The Lord Is King.mp36.610 MG Luiza Spiridon - Dragostea.mp37.286 MG _Ce ar fi faptura-mi fara Tine.mp311.287 MG 
Craig Duncan - Rock of Ages.mp36.605 MG Luiza Spiridon - Fagaduinta.mp39.437 MG _Ce fericire am pe Isus.mp36.710 MG 
Craig Duncan - Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us.mp37.738 MG Luiza Spiridon - Iata vin.mp312.313 MG _Cer si pamant.mp39.858 MG 
Craig Duncan - Showers Of Blessings.mp37.908 MG Luiza Spiridon - O, suflete, stai linistit!.mp37.133 MG _Cu aripi de-argint.mp311.248 MG 
Craig Duncan - The King Of Love My Shepherd Is.mp37.410 MG Luiza Spiridon - Privesc spre cer.mp39.897 MG _Destul sa crezi.mp312.410 MG 
Craig Duncan - This Is My Father's World.mp38.430 MG Luiza Spiridon - Singur in noaptea rece.mp36.404 MG _Din nou se-arata o dimineata.mp35.543 MG 
Craig Duncan - Victory In Jesus.mp37.904 MG Luiza Spiridon - Tata bun.mp310.075 MG _Din sori si din stele.mp36.134 MG 
Craig Duncan - We Gather Together.mp37.488 MG Luiza Spiridon - Un torent de lumini.mp39.197 MG _Doar o coliba.mp36.166 MG 
Craig Duncan - We Will Glorify.mp31.153 MG Luiza Spiridon si Catalin Gatan - Cum va fi.mp39.611 MG _Domnu-i maret.mp39.810 MG 
Craig Duncan - We're Marching To Zion.mp36.555 MG Paul Cardall - A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief.mp36.959 MG _Domnul e bun.mp35.982 MG 
Craig Duncan - When I Can Read My Title Clear.mp38.783 MG Paul Cardall - Abide With Me Tis Eventide.mp35.389 MG _Dormi frumos.mp37.056 MG 
Craig Duncan - When Morning Gilds The Skies.mp37.767 MG Paul Cardall - Behold, the Great Redeemer Died.mp39.330 MG _Dulcea chemare.mp39.533 MG 
Craig Duncan - Wonderful, Merciful Savior.mp37.596 MG Paul Cardall - Come, Come Ye Saints.mp39.673 MG _Father I adore You.mp32.202 MG 
Daniel Kloda - Az zajde slunce.mp39.262 MG Paul Cardall - Come, Follow Me.mp36.149 MG _Franturi din dragostea Ta.mp35.573 MG 
Daniel Kloda - Bliz Tobe, Boze muj.mp39.496 MG Paul Cardall - Day of Rest.mp36.128 MG _Frumos e s-ascult.mp310.925 MG 
Daniel Kloda - Buh bud s Vami.mp37.291 MG Paul Cardall - Fireside Medley (Remem...lieve in Christ, Come Thou Fou).mp310.927 MG _Glas de slava.mp36.480 MG 
Daniel Kloda - Den po dni.mp39.282 MG Paul Cardall - God Be With You Till We Meet Again.mp37.664 MG _Glas din departari.mp36.932 MG 
Daniel Kloda - Jak vzacna milost.mp37.839 MG Paul Cardall - God, the Eternal Father.mp36.093 MG _Glorie.mp38.250 MG 
Daniel Kloda - Jako ptace umdlene (zalm 55,7).mp34.392 MG Paul Cardall - He Is Risen.mp36.047 MG _Great is the Lord.mp34.026 MG 
Daniel Kloda - Kdyz spat uleham.mp311.126 MG Paul Cardall - How Great the Wisdom and the Love.mp35.633 MG _I surrender all.mp33.594 MG 
Daniel Kloda - Kristus Pan opustil nebesa.mp37.557 MG Paul Cardall - I Know That My Redeemer Lives.mp38.556 MG _I will be here.mp33.182 MG 
Daniel Kloda - Nad vse Te miluji.mp38.153 MG Paul Cardall - I Need Thee Every Hour.mp37.774 MG _Inimi calde-ti daruim.mp38.922 MG 
Daniel Kloda - O, Otce nas, jak slavne dilo Tve.mp35.310 MG Paul Cardall - Jesus of Nazareth, Savior and King.mp35.520 MG _Inspre drumul de durere.mp310.204 MG 
Daniel Kloda - On prichazi.mp39.006 MG Paul Cardall - Joseph's First Prayer.mp37.719 MG _Iubirea Lui e mult prea mare.mp38.076 MG 
Daniel Kloda - Pan je svetlo me.mp36.224 MG Paul Cardall - Love At Home.mp38.775 MG _Jesus paid it all.mp33.138 MG 
Daniel Kloda - Sione nadherny, krasny.mp34.438 MG Paul Cardall - More Holiness Give Me.mp37.316 MG _La apa de viata.mp310.272 MG 
Daniel Kloda - Ty so mnou bud.mp36.339 MG Paul Cardall - Nearer My God to Thee.mp37.639 MG _Lamb Of God.mp32.456 MG 
Daniel Kloda - V krizi Tvem.mp38.347 MG Paul Cardall - O, My Father.mp35.056 MG _Mai langa tronul Tau.mp37.444 MG 
Daniel Kloda - Vseho vzdam se.mp38.188 MG Paul Cardall - Praise to the Man.mp35.109 MG _Merg spre Casa.mp32.146 MG 
Daniel Kloda - Vyslys nas, Otce.mp311.429 MG Paul Cardall - The Release.mp37.886 MG _Moare un om pe Calvar.mp36.684 MG 
David Shelley Ensemble - Come, Christians, Join To Sing.mp37.243 MG Praise Him on the Cello - All Heaven declares.mp34.305 MG _N-am sa stiu niciodata.mp37.490 MG 
David Shelley Ensemble - Jesus, Lover Of My Soul.mp35.248 MG Praise Him on the Cello - I love You Lord.mp35.376 MG _Nimeni ca Tine.mp38.677 MG 
David Shelley Ensemble - My Faith Looks Up To Thee.mp39.348 MG Praise Him on the Cello - I will sing the woundrous story.mp36.568 MG _O, Miel Ceresc.mp38.639 MG 
David Shelley Ensemble - O, Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go.mp36.472 MG Praise Him on the Cello - Immanuel.mp36.453 MG _O, Tata din cer.mp35.739 MG 
Evr muz - Come let us go up to Zion.mp34.831 MG Praise Him on the Cello - In the night.mp36.336 MG _O, Tata, Iti multumim.mp310.161 MG 
Evr muz - Doloros.mp36.400 MG Praise Him on the Cello - Jesus You are changing me.mp35.983 MG _Oare n-ati aflat voi inca.mp36.059 MG 
Evr muz - Hatikva.mp33.166 MG Praise Him on the Cello - My Lord what love is this.mp37.079 MG _Orice zi e'o noua cale.mp39.174 MG 
Fanfara - A lui Isus venire.mp317.766 MG Praise Him on the Cello - Send the rain, Lord.mp35.088 MG _Our Great Savior.MP34.546 MG 
Fanfara - Imi va ramane in memorie o zi.mp313.741 MG Praise Him on the Cello - Such love.mp34.376 MG _Pentru Darul Minunat.mp36.416 MG 
Fanfara - Lasa-L sa te atinga.mp319.337 MG Praise Him on the Cello - There is a Redeemer.mp36.050 MG _Pentru Tine cant.mp38.958 MG 
Fanfara - Stele de seara.mp36.866 MG Praise Him on the Cello - When I survey.mp34.083 MG _People need the Lord.mp34.075 MG 
Fanfara Gloria - Ecou din munti.mp35.269 MG Praise Him on the Guitar - Father I adore You.mp34.934 MG _Perennial.mp34.174 MG 
Fanfara Gloria - Gloria Golgotei.mp328.485 MG Praise Him on the Guitar - I just want to praise You.mp34.074 MG _Place in this world.mp33.804 MG 
Fanfara Gloria - Pocaieste-te, omule.mp313.365 MG Praise Him on the Guitar - In moments like these.mp34.384 MG _Plang trandafirii pe campii.mp35.966 MG 
Fanfara Gloria - Vino Isus la nunta.mp310.741 MG Praise Him on the Guitar - Jesus shall take the highest honor.mp36.152 MG _Printre spini.mp37.603 MG 
Fanfara Maranata - Isus iubit.mp312.833 MG Praise Him on the Guitar - Jesus, all for Jesus.mp37.524 MG _Sa cant pentru-al Tau har!.mp310.890 MG 
Fanfara Rosis - Ce minune va fi.mp32.477 MG Praise Him on the Guitar - Meekness and Majesty.mp34.594 MG _Sa nu te temi de viitor.mp36.265 MG 
Fanfara Rosis - Este soare.mp31.820 MG Praise Him on the Guitar - More love, more power.mp37.947 MG _Sanctuary.mp32.734 MG 
Fanfara Rosis - In aceasta zi frumoasa.mp32.354 MG Praise Him on the Guitar - Send the rain.mp35.067 MG _Sfanta speranta.mp36.014 MG 
Fanfara Rosis - Isus in Ghetsemani.mp31.815 MG Praise Him on the Guitar - Sing alleluia to the Lord.mp36.935 MG _Spre cine sa ma-ndrept.mp37.444 MG 
Fanfara Rosis - La crucea de la Golgota.mp32.142 MG Praise Him on the Guitar - When I feel the touch.mp33.855 MG _Stau pe adevar.mp35.244 MG 
Fanfara Rosis - Mare esti Doamne.mp31.965 MG Praise Him on the Guitar - When I look into Your holiness.mp38.201 MG _Sunt sarac.mp37.357 MG 
Fanfara Rosis - Ne asteapta un camin.mp32.453 MG Praise Him on the Guitar - You are my God.mp35.824 MG _Sweet hour of preyer.mp32.630 MG 
Fanfara Rosis - Se revarsa Duhul Sfant.mp33.202 MG Praise Him on the guitar - Father I adore You.mp32.203 MG _Tatal nostru.mp35.839 MG 
Fanfara Rosis - Secerisul.mp31.936 MG Praise Him on the guitar - I just want to praise You.mp31.862 MG _Te-astept Isus.mp36.849 MG 
Fanfara Rosis - Sfant este Domnul.mp32.670 MG Praise Him On The Panpipes - All Heaven Declares.mp34.317 MG _Thy word.mp33.737 MG 
Fanfara Rosis - Uvertura crestina.mp33.380 MG Praise Him On The Panpipes - Be Still.mp35.499 MG _Tot mai aproape.mp310.627 MG 
Fanfara Rosis - Val de pace.mp32.597 MG Praise Him On The Panpipes - Burn Holy Fire.mp38.461 MG _Zi de zi in viata mea.mp310.210 MG 
Fanfara Sion Elche.mp314.655 MG Praise Him On The Panpipes - Great Is The Lord.mp36.428 MG _Zi de zi si-n fiecare clipa.mp37.935 MG 
Flori si Stele - Noi asa cu inimi de copii.mp36.598 MG